Procedural magic books generator made for ProcJam2021


  • R or button on top to regenerate book
  • H to show/hide UI
  • B to change background color
  • E to disable/enable post processing


The most important part of this generator - 16x16 glyph on book cover, is genereated by simple mazing algorithm that is restricted by binary mask. There are several different masks that give significantly different results, you can tweak them by changing Glyph placement mask slider. While slider there is at 0, mask will be random. Also, there is a chance, that corner pixels of the maze will be deleted, to make it look more smooth. Idea comes from Seeds magazine, Issue 1, p. 12.

In my implementation, more often than not, glyphs look pretty random, but if you generate something interesting, feel free to share.

The rest is purely random addition of bookmarks and frame. Colors are also mostly random, but I've tried to generate simple, complementary palettes for secondary objects.

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Tags2D, Boring, Fantasy, Magic, Non violent, Procedural Generation, random


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This is a beautiful generator~

I'm sorry to trouble you with this - do you happen to know if there's a scrolls generator out there? I'm embarrassed to ask... searching for 'scroll' gets mouse-related, game titles, and the like.

Thank you for the comment, and technically it was supposed to be a scroll generator at first, but books seemed cooler in the end. Also no, sorry, i don't know if there is one, maybe try adding "magic" to your search query


nice book


nice comment


Super nice. Well done!


Thanks for trying it out and a nice comment!


So pretty! This is so cool O:


Thanks! :3


Very awesome! Now it just needs some procedural spells to go along with it lol


Thanks! Maybe one day, for now i thought just about names of spells or titles of books that would go along color schema for example.